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Tuesday, April 12th, 2005
10:26 pm
Take a look at my journal and do what you will...I need critics right away.
Monday, November 17th, 2003
3:40 am
Standing on the southern wall of the valley, I could see far, far below - the river that carved the rift in the land, the trees that appeared as needles, piercing the fabric of the emerald grass - and I could see a small cottage. Tired, hungry, and weary of my solitude, I began the descent down the valleyside towards the small, squattish cabin. As I made my way down, curious squirrels leapt from tree to tree, keeping a keen eye on me, and running off when I came too close.

The air grew cooler with each step closer I came to the bottom of the valley. The chill of the autumn wind was greatly amplified as it sped down towards the river, reminding me of just how close the first snowfall of the season was. I was dressed warmly, and well-prepared; brown wool trousers, tall leather hiking boots, a wool shirt, overcoat, and thick green cloak. I'd hoped to return to my home in the lowlands before the snows began, but the main roads have recently become the prime hunting grounds for the ever-increasing bandit legions; once, I was a soldier, and could fight; not I am but one man, alone, and perhaps worse, growing old.

The air around the cabin smelled of stew and tea, and, my spirits lifted, I rapped once, twice, three times on the door. No one came; I pounded my fist once again, accompanied by a yell. Again, no one came. I walked around the cabin and saw nothing - a pile of firewood stacked against the western wall, a smallish but empty animal pen, and what appeared to be the bones of some animal or other. I walked back to the door, pushed it open, and stepped inside.

There was only one room, with a fireplace and a stewpot on the eastern wall and a blanketroll in a far corner. The fire and single window provided enough light to see the room in full detail; bones and sinew littered the floor, presumably the remains of the same animal whose bones were outside. I decided that I would wait for my would-be host, pulled the tea kettle out of the fire, and enjoyed myself a drink.

A short while later, I heard footsteps - of what sounded to be at least two people. They both were men; I could tell from the weight of their footfalls crushing leaves and stomping over the hard ground. I replaced my tin cup in my pack, strapped up, and stepped out the door.

"Good day, gentlemen! I.."

"Who're you?" one asked, "What d'you want?" They spoke in a thick, unplaceable accent.

The men, one tall and one short, were filthy. Wearing dirt-covered and somewhat bloody clothes, they reeked of something foul, and looked even worse. Both men, easily into their old age, were haggard and wrinkled, but still appeared strong. Carefully gauging my words, I began.

"I am but a land surveyor for His Majesty in the North, and am returning along a rather wayward path and stumbled across your cabin, and thought perhaps I could find shelter for a night. I have coin to pay, of course.."

"We dun want yer gold," the short one began, "aye, it's nigh-worthless now. But yer welcome to our fire and our stew no less." The man gave a sly look to his friend, his face twitching in some unkown gesture.

"Oh aye we dun' get many visiters out her'."

"If you would rob me, then know I am an official of the King and was a soldier.."

"Oh nay, we dun' need yer money, but perhaps them young muscles..we've some work need'n t' be done."

"I would be glad to be of assistance," I said with a smile.

The old men put me to work chopping wood and pulling the remainder of their wheat crop. It was hard work, but welcome work - a nice departure from the typical. It felt good to be doing physical labour again, and good to know the years haven't been too rough on me. As the sun went down, the taller man called me inside and we sat down for the meal.

Inside, I noticed an old, road-worn pair of boots and belt in a far corner, and an old traveling cloak in the other.

"Well, thank ye fer the work, me an' Hari be gettin' too old t' be doin' this sorta thing"

"And thank you for the bed and meal, it has been days since I last slept under a roof."

And so the meal continued, small talk about the weather and crops, about the state of the kingdom (of which they were horribly misinformed; too many rumours), and their homeland. They were refugees from the far-off kingdom of Bel'ane. Quite a stretch - when I asked them how they came to settle here and why, they grew very queit and their eyes very dark. I chose, perhaps wisely, to drop the subject; it could have been a dangerous line of conversation, and, more importantly, it would be rude.

After the meal, I prepared myself for sleep. Bedroll, candle, and a pipe. By the time I was finished smoking, they were both asleep in the corner opposite of mine. Well fed, warm, and pleased, I drifted off into slumber.

I awoke early into the early hours of the morning to their voices; it was hard to make out what they were saying, but sounds of heavy metal objects could be heard being dragged about. One of them had a candle and was rummaging about a pile of debris against a wall, pushing and knocking things out of the way. To my horror, I watched as a pair of cracked and filthy skulls rolled off the pile and onto the floor.

The tall man said, in hushed tones, "This one be good fer eatin'"

"Aye," the short man agreed, "he's got some muscle on 'im. Not like th' last one..."

I watched them look each other in the face, nod, and began walking slowly and quietly towards me, each brandishing a wicked-looking metal weapon. When they were a body length away, I leapt to my feet, threw and arm around my pack, and used my free hand to throw a fistful of dirt into one man's face, and shouldered into the other. I hurriedly stepped into my boots and fled out the door, hiding behind a large rock a few yards distance from the house.

The men ran out, each with a torch and a weapon, and ran around opposite sides of the house. As the tall man approached me, I hurled a fist-sized stone away from me and into a patch of ground debris; as it caught his attention, I was on my feet, another stone in hand. I silently ran up behind him, smashed the rock into the back of his skull with a sickening crunch. I quickly returned to my hiding place to wait for the short man.

The small, round man hobbled back around the house, hollaring for his companion. Seeing him dead on the ground, he yelled a string of profanities, and sprinted towards the rock I was behind, waving his weapon and his torch frantically. In one fluid motion, I stepped out from behind the rock, hurled it, and crouched down to pick up a good-sized tree branch. The stone struck him in the chest and broke his stride, but he did not stop. As he approached, he swung his blade wildly, cutting a gash on my shoulder. With every bit of strength I had, I swung the branch into the side of his head. He dropped, unconcious. With the rope in my pack, I bound him hand to foot and applied a tourniquet to my arm, and dragged him inside.

I proceeded to use the man's own weapon to cut him limb from limb, throwing the useable meat in the stew and tossing the unuseable parts into the pile of debris where the skull came from. When the meat was cooked, I salted it, bundled it, and packed it away, and laid down for a good night's sleep.

Although filled with horrible nightmares, I awaoke in the morning refreshed and feeling very thankfully alive. I dragged the other man's body into the cabin, threw it in the pile of what must have been body parts, and made my way up the opposite wall of the valley from which I came.
3:39 am
Structural Impact
The Muse herself was surely guiding her blows as she struck the marble time and time again, she told herself - for surely, there must have been some great and benevolent force acting through her, for she did not think herself capable of creating such beauty alone. It was neither vanity nor personal pride which were responsible for such thoughts; even to her normally very humble eye, the unfinished statue was already radiating an almost violent beauty.

Exhausted though she was, she calmy worked, for she knew she was nearing completion. She had no deadline, no due date that caused her such haste and the relentless fervor with which she pursued this. As she was the Artisan Prime, she answered to no one save herself, and maintaned her vigil as surely as the sea is bound to the oceans. Although she had created many hundred works previous to this, this far surpassed them all.

Her old heart began to beat rapidly and her hands moved fast as lightning, although with infinitely more precision - not a single swing was in err. Dropping hammer and chisel and unsheathing her sword - a very fine file with a sharp point at the head - she sheared away the flaws and imperfections in the stone with a guided madness, sending up great plumes of glittering marble dust.

As the sounds of her refining and detailing ceased, and the cloud of shining dust fell the the floow, the only audible sound was her breathing. Her heart could not be heard beating in her chest, but could be felt as surely as the sun is felt on a warm summer's day. She stood in awed silence as at the beauty which she had wrought, and after exhaling one last sigh of contentment, fell to the floor, dead.
3:33 am
I'd love to come to you, run to you, beg for you;
ten thousand miles I'd go, ten-ten thousand-
I would go if I could

You shadow still haunts me,
your spectre grieves me
That idealized image of what was, what was, what was

Seventy lined up, tried, fell, died;
fallen to the morass of one,
lost in the choking lands of the past
A day wrought with tension, built minute by minute on naugh but hesitation, it worked out as a testimation - a testimation of just what wa so wretched with this aggravation.


A glint in her eye, brighter than the light of ten-thousand suns, eclipsed her awualine face in a blinding bright-white light. It was all a man could do, but stare into her eyes; although infintely brilliant, the light was not blinding, but mesmerizing.


A furious torrent of red spewed forth from his mouth as he screamed in fury, enveloping her in it's flood. She hugged her knees and rocked back and forthe, the depth of his anger driving her down the spiral of madness.


The behooved man sat upon his rock, resting and slowly playing a wooden lute. The trees swayed with his rhythm, the beasts mated with his breakdowns, and the predator's killed with his crescendo's. He on his rock, turned and ceased his playing, and slept -- and the world went dark.


His great massive fingers stretched, extending far into the darkness, both giving and taking both life and creation. An invisible but tangible force guided him on his journey, an odyssey which he did not understand, but an odyssey he pursued relentlessly.


The two danced gracefully as they spun about the dark, although not quite pitch, floor. Reaching her hands to him as he proceeded to ebb and flow, the maiden did not move as she danced.


Ten thousand pinpricks, welling with white blood, shine brightly fom the otherwise black skin. They screamed in a silent agony; rabidly angry at their involuntary and unnatural existance, silently damning those with the pins.

Wednesday, August 20th, 2003
2:43 pm
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
7:41 pm
Daric, hows the community coming?
Sorry I ahvent posted anyhtign yet, i still need to work on the bio, but i procrastinate like no other.
So hopefully I jump on that soon, we'll ahve to see.
Sunday, June 15th, 2003
4:53 pm
oh my... no one has written. what is this world coming to?

Current Mood: disappointed
Thursday, May 29th, 2003
1:06 am

So love locked away,
inside a box like
a box with no key, like,

midnight air at home,
subtle, quiet, late..
as there is an old road -

I wait;
wait for you, me,
for the weeds to grow:

up and through rock
as firm as moonlight;
up and into my lockbox

Staking Claims

I looked into your eyes
to behold the death of twilight
The fire of Apolcalypse
burn brightest in TriSight

It was there in the red
for whose whom had their vision
Awaken now, third eye!
I pray grant me no omission

Burning here in the black
as cold as the blackest pitch
Kill, destroy, maim this madness!
destroy this false, devil witch!


Whjy is my omputer so white/

four , four, four

no explanations are necessary - not now, not ever.

Vision is a tunelo-woem-thing, adnd weare a part the earth


A piece

I am the earth

"My worst enemies are those who presume me to be harmless. They cannot imagine how much I resent and disdain them, or just how great a threat they would face if I could get at them. Everything in their behavior speaks of insult and presumptuousness, and for now it is all I can do to make constructive use of my anger toward them. At this time, I just make a list of them and keep a watch on. Some day, with the help of time, space, and circumstance, I will be able to humiliate them properly - not in a manner they would enjoy, but in a style calculated to make them wish that they had never been born."

Anton Szandor LaVey


I dreamt of an imp, an imp that spoke to me of many things;

"Know that although the shadows wane,
and the days grow longer

That the black hands of treachery grow strong;
beware that which you know"

As the imp vanished, his words echoed;

"Mark that which you do not know,
but lay your suspect on that which you do"
1:04 am
Good day
I haven't posted on here yet

But I will before.
Wednesday, May 21st, 2003
12:58 pm
Can I adore you?
We're waiting
On your hand
Now can I adore you?
I want you to be patient
I'll remember
Just hold me

Into this illusion
The weather seems fine
If only you were...

Can I adore you?
Mark you as my own
Will you be patiently waiting
After I lift the curse?
I'll return you to your fantesty

Can I adore you?
Remember he told you
Try to remember
She's just a mystery...
8:38 am
between me and you
You used to be here
but now you are gone
I wished you would come back
because you left somthing behind

You used to whisper
thoughts into my mind
little things that no one knows
things that i would believe
now i dont

You used to touch me
send waves of tingles down my arms
little kisses making me cry
now i cry because
you dont

You said you would be back
I really thought it was true
I know better now
I know who you really did everything for

Current Mood: content
Saturday, May 10th, 2003
12:11 pm
In Sudden and Distant Memory of..
Rationalizing you death,
Like I always do,
Brings out the tears,
And illicits sorrow,
A sorrow I know so well.
Rationalizing your life,
That seems odd,
Because you never really lived,
Only died as all things do,
Though you died far too soon,
And rationalizing either,
Seems pointless and trivial,
Superficial in ways I cannot express.
So take this,
My blue rose of sorrow,
And this as well,
My red rose of love,
And carry them with you,
Through and past eternity,
Where I will wait for you,
In love's haste,
And love's patience.
I will not rationalize you,
I will only remember.
Monday, May 5th, 2003
8:44 am
Through The Eyes of Love

I sat in the corner waiting
for the girl that loved me so.
To pick me up and hug me
then off to bed we'd go

If only I could tell
all the things that I have seen,
of all the pain that she's been through
and why she feels unclean.

She's sleeping now and here he comes
sneaking through the door.
I know what's on his mind
I know what she's in for

The girl started crying
wishing she were dead.
When he did those horrible things to her
while kneeling by the bed.

She knew it was impossible
to tell about her shame.
Nobody would believe
that her Daddy was to blame.

I've been with her forever
since the day that she was born.
I've always been her favorite
and I really am quite worn.

Lord, if only I could talk,
to tell the secrets that I share,
if only I were real
but I'm only a Teddy Bear.

This was posted at another site by a wonderful poet Johnna.
She allowed me to post it here I thought you all might enjoy it.

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, May 1st, 2003
7:24 pm
There is a mist in the breeze
somthing that stirs each hair
a slight chill passes
causing you to whisper a sigh
there is a presence around you
pushing and pulling at your body
you fight it -- then embrace it
letting it carry you away
as it streams through your arms and legs
tangling your hair in a lustful dance
the stars look at you
amused with with your dance
mazed at such simple pleasue
such playful relaxation
and then the droplets come
released to touch the ground
kissing the trees in a teasing manner
clinging to your skin
following the siloette of your body
causing the light to shimmer around you
and it stops.
leaving only a doll's lakes and streams around you
those will soon dry up
and you will go inside
but you and they will return
when it rains...

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, April 25th, 2003
8:23 am
I duno why I wrote this..
This is just a poem
I promise i have no feelings to hide
This is just a poem
I swear there is no pain to subside
This is just a poem
Words rambling through my head
This is just a poem
Because my spirit needs fed

These are just words
My heart doesnt ache
These are just words
Nothing worth the take
These are just words
No one needs to care
These are just words
It doesnt matter that your not there

It is just me
Im not hiding in here
Its just me
I dont have any fear
Its just me
I really dont want to cry
Its just me
Im lying and dont know why.

Im not tired of writing
Notes to those that wont recieve
Im not tired of writing
Im sure someone will believe
Im not tired of writing
I dont hurt anymore
Im not tired of writing
My wounds are not sore

This is just a poem
Just a poem with words
And this is just me writing it
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2003
1:01 pm
Am I still waiting for the worm?
You're made of chemicals
I don't believe those are chemicals
In you

In you
Because I can not see the rain
I can not see the rain
And then
I knew the rain would come today

You are made of chemicals
I don't believe in chemical
Because I see the rain
Because I see the rain
In you

Look up there in gray
I knew it would rain today
In you
This chemical

I see the rain
And hear the thunder
Down below
In you

I see the rain
I see the rain in your eyes today
Those can't be chemicals
Those can't be chemicals
This can't be chemical
I am not your chemical
In you

I knew it would rain today
Saturday, April 19th, 2003
10:19 am
Call me tomorrow, please

I can see what's on your mine.
Far into your eyes,
and I know you have what's on my mind.
Please just stay.
Just tonight.
We'll make whirlwinds,
and become passionate.
Do you feel the way I do now?
Just tonight.
Will you stay?
With me?
Love, just tonight.
We'll make an amorous fire.
Run away,
Only tomorrow,
We can just find ourselves in friendship.
Just please.
I need to taste our sweet
Tongues tangled,
and tingle with delight.

Run your hand down mine,
and let your chest hear, me.
Something soft,
and speak with broken word.
I'm just for the evening.
Strip down.
Now just,
and fulfillment.
One night,
Tomorrow I'll crease the page,
fold back the sheets,
become content with only,


Hope is formally
Know as forsaken
The corner looks pretty
And I've all the time for you
Three spaces between
And you see touring tears
Held back with testosterone

Now you sage
For your pain
Please just hold me
I see it's going to rain today
You're not wasting enough time
Bring me into the twisted games you play
Strain my life
Cuz I see it in your eyes
Three spaces between
I can't tell
Was that your pain
Just will you hold me

Let me believe I'm dust
And then you went off
Grab my hand
Before I go under
They're taking the water

A 6th dimension
Your new definition
And this is the corner
I'll come find you
When you decide to come out of hiding

I'll take a touring hand
You're pulling me out of
They're taking the water
Friday, April 18th, 2003
9:07 am
I would
If I had the time to have a second
If I had the minute to have the moment
If I had nothing worth somthing
I would have more.

If I were here but not all quite there
If I were someone else not quite myself
If I were alone in a crowded room
I would here.

If I did the right thing at the wrong time
If I did what I couldnt although I shouldnt
If I did the best but it wasnt mine
I would be wrong.

If I took the time to take the time
If I took another look at another
If I took a look at a minor reflection
I would be looking at myself.

I would have more if I was meant to
I would be here if it werent so far away
I would be wrong if I werent so right
I would be looking at myself if i had a mirror

I would.

Its a piece in work.....

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, April 12th, 2003
8:53 am
Tasting Flickers

I shall never forget how you look right now
Your eyes weigh in my mind
Heavier then a brick wall
In a plain of quick sand
Irony rolled down
And tonight we're dancing
Glances are split
Faint light assumes
Along the brick wall

I'll taste your neck
If you desensitize
And don't imagine another figure
Dancing in the flickers

Stand up
And then I'll love you
This is so right
I can taste your skin tonight
This time
I'm going crazy
Slight overwhelming
Enters my sight

I'll taste your sheets
If you vanquish
And don't image
Spindling fingers on the wall

I've gone crazy
Forgive me for meeting yet another glance
And for the scratches of liberation
My flicker is all about you
Is your perceptions clear?
Just silence the rigidness
I could not forget how you look right now

Come now, It's only a Memory

So were taking this home
Back to the endless days
Back to your lovely tongue

So I'm taking you home
Beyond my reach
Beyond the need

So this wont stay together
Pressure has faulted
I am pressured to this
Falling for another home

We're here tonight
Light and lucid
Feathers of many tides
Look into the eyes of delectation

Come on now
Stay with the locus
And make memories

Stay with me
Because you are in my memory
Roll down with me
Time is so alive
And your're so beautiful
But with a strange chemical

Now those chemicals rain down
All over me
Tuesday, April 8th, 2003
8:52 pm
hmmm. The things I right when I am angry?
Im dreaming now
not to think of you all
but to get away from it all

I hate this so called reality
mainly because it is so hard to escape
I should have known by now that there is no escape

So I shall dream
not of now
but of everything that isnt now
everything i want
and desire

But its all fake
just like our world
our reality

who needs to dream
with a world like this?...


Right now I am dreaming about
ripping this world apart
and creating a new one
but I wont.
Because it will be destroyed
just like this one.

I need to get rid of you all

you will not be a part of my world
nor will you be a part of my dreams.

Current Mood: angry
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