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I would

If I had the time to have a second
If I had the minute to have the moment
If I had nothing worth somthing
I would have more.

If I were here but not all quite there
If I were someone else not quite myself
If I were alone in a crowded room
I would here.

If I did the right thing at the wrong time
If I did what I couldnt although I shouldnt
If I did the best but it wasnt mine
I would be wrong.

If I took the time to take the time
If I took another look at another
If I took a look at a minor reflection
I would be looking at myself.

I would have more if I was meant to
I would be here if it werent so far away
I would be wrong if I werent so right
I would be looking at myself if i had a mirror

I would.

Its a piece in work.....
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It felt melancholy. Thank you.