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So love locked away,
inside a box like
a box with no key, like,

midnight air at home,
subtle, quiet, late..
as there is an old road -

I wait;
wait for you, me,
for the weeds to grow:

up and through rock
as firm as moonlight;
up and into my lockbox

Staking Claims

I looked into your eyes
to behold the death of twilight
The fire of Apolcalypse
burn brightest in TriSight

It was there in the red
for whose whom had their vision
Awaken now, third eye!
I pray grant me no omission

Burning here in the black
as cold as the blackest pitch
Kill, destroy, maim this madness!
destroy this false, devil witch!


Whjy is my omputer so white/

four , four, four

no explanations are necessary - not now, not ever.

Vision is a tunelo-woem-thing, adnd weare a part the earth


A piece

I am the earth

"My worst enemies are those who presume me to be harmless. They cannot imagine how much I resent and disdain them, or just how great a threat they would face if I could get at them. Everything in their behavior speaks of insult and presumptuousness, and for now it is all I can do to make constructive use of my anger toward them. At this time, I just make a list of them and keep a watch on. Some day, with the help of time, space, and circumstance, I will be able to humiliate them properly - not in a manner they would enjoy, but in a style calculated to make them wish that they had never been born."

Anton Szandor LaVey


I dreamt of an imp, an imp that spoke to me of many things;

"Know that although the shadows wane,
and the days grow longer

That the black hands of treachery grow strong;
beware that which you know"

As the imp vanished, his words echoed;

"Mark that which you do not know,
but lay your suspect on that which you do"
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